Commercial and Offices Property Management

Our vision and our services:
We offer a consistent and efficient service for private investors. Our skills range from commercial premises to office buildings.

At the start of our relationship :

  • Visit of the property.
  • Verification of the validity of the leases and contracts.

During the term of the lease :

  • We draft the lease and the inventory. We review the rent and draft the renewal of the lease. Annually, we regularize the service charges.
  • We proceed to the verification and the payment of the expenses of co-ownership.
  • We intervene, with your agreement to handle maintenance work.
  • We send you by email the 20th of each month a detailed management account accompanied by a payment by bank transfer the same day.
  • We send you a report every year for the declaration of your property income.
  • We handle water damage claims and we represent you at the expert appointment
  • – We give you reliable advices on all problems real estate related.

In case of vacancy :

  • We get in touch with the tenant to organize visits and limit the vacancy./li>
  • We realize a marketing file and send it to all of the brokers in Paris so everyone looking for a space will be able to visit yours.
  • We review the application of any potential tenant to be sure that they are reliable.
  • We draft the lease, the state of fixtures and we install the new tenant.

In case of sale :

  • We realize a marketing file.
  • We present it to our private investor clients
  • We are actively involved in developing the data room and answering questions.
  • We follow up until the signing of the promise of sale and the authentic deed.