Residential Property Management

Managing your asset, we take care of everything in order to bring you serenity and tranquility.

  • We proceed to the drafting of the lease, the states of fixtures, the annual revision of the rent, the renewal of the lease, and the annual regularization of the service charges.
  • We pay and verify the building service charges.
  • We send you each year a report used for the declaration of your property income.
  • We make an appointment with the tenant upon receipt of his leaving notice to visit the apartment and anticipate any works.
  • We intervene, with your consent, to have maintenance done
  • We handle water damage claims and we represent you at the expert appointment.
  • We send you by email the 20th of each month a detailed management account accompanied by a payment by bank transfer the same day.
  • We give you reliable advices on all problems real estate related.

Our privileged relationships with major players in insurance allow us to offer these products on advantageous terms.

Unpaid rent insurance

  • In case of unpaid rent, the insurance company will refund you since the first unpaid term until the repossession of the premises or until repayment of the debt. The cost of bailiffs and lawyers will be handled by the insurance company.

Non occupant homeowners insurance

  • This insurance guarantee your property in case of fire, water damage, broken glass etc. It’s mandatory by the French law for each apartment